April 27, 2009

Up again at 3 in the morning...

No rest for an already weary Jacqueline.

The nighttime pee breaks began only days after conceiving our little babe--as many as 6 a night (and I'm not kidding). This was one of my first clues that our efforts had paid off! Two months later, after my kidneys acclimated to managing all the extra fluid, my nightly pee routine was replaced by torment of a different kind: rising for the day at 5am.

Most recently, it's the hours between 3:30 and 6:00 that I am wide awake, which makes for a loooong tedious day of commuting, working, and gyming.

During this highly productive time, you can find me:
a) In bed, surfing the internet (sorry Andy)
b) Rummaging around in the nursery (smelling tiny baby diapers, baby lotions, and powders; rocking in the leather rocker; folding and refolding baby clothes; perfecting my swaddling technique; or playing with baby toys)
c) In the kitchen sampling food and concocting delicious snacks.

Each trimester has brought a new kind of sleep deprivation that will not be missed post pregnancy. As I type, I realize the irony in that statement.

Update: I'm taking a "personal leave" day from work which suddenly makes me feel soo much better!

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