April 27, 2015

Exterior Schematics: The Modern Nature Home

The basic floor plans were completed a few weeks ago, but as the house evolves in whole all the parts get updated, like the addition of hatch windows to connect the guest bunk with the screened-in porch, a mini-bar outside the master bedroom, and some reconfigured doorways on the second floor. Note that despite the likelihood of another baby we will be keeping the house design as is with only two kid bedrooms. :)

When Scott first revealed the exterior schematic our initial reaction was to the very modern design.

Whoa. So modern! Are you surprised too?

We liked it but after a weekend of eager conversation we've really grown to love it, and while it's more modern than we had envisioned for ourselves, it is truly what we asked for and is incredibly well thought out.

The materials we choose to finish the exterior will integrate the nature element into the design. At the moment we're considering stucco, cedar, fiber cement, and metal.

Both the entry and the "back" front a road because we have a corner lot. The patio concept has yet to be developed.

The next phase of this process will include determining exterior materials, developing the construction documents, and a review by the structural engineers.

The budget is also taking shape as we have identified some key materials and products to use for interior flooring and counter tops.

Here are two (skewed) screen shots of the most recent floor plans:

To see how a house like this can be pulled off in the ways we imagine, check out these images from our Houzz.com Ideabooks.


  1. Very exciting! And you answer the first thought I had when you post thoughts on a third baby 😉

    1. Ha! It was our first thought too. We were like oh crap. But we decided that the construct of every child requiring their own room is just a modern consumerism thing and I feel comfortable, especially with the age spread, to plan on kids sharing for part of their childhood. :)

    2. Yup J and J share now, I know in the future this won't work due to the boy girl dynamic but what ever you have as a 3rd you can arrange sharing.

  2. Wow! It's not the look I expected, but I really like it. It is a very unique, but functional design that will look and live great on your lot. Congratulations on taking this step in the design process. It has to be awfully exciting for both of you.

    1. Thanks! We are excited. I added a link to some images from our houzz.com ideabooks to show how the design we're after can be pulled off this kind of exterior. Does the link for you? I'm not sure if it links to my personal account or to the right page.

  3. Well, your blog is one of my favorites and it is always a pleasure to visit your Home Design.


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