March 13, 2015

Floor Plans: The Modern Nature House

Our Modern Nature house has an official floor plan! 

The house is larger than we had originally imagined at 2450 sq. feet. I suppose that's still "modest" by today's standards, and the second floor was constrained by the footprint of the first floor so everything up there is a little more roomy than we may have made them otherwise, but still cozy and I think it will grow well with us. 

Furniture in the rooms serve as placeholders for now. 

First Floor:
Andy's Workshop
Entry with Bench and Storage, half bath
Eat in Kitchen
Living Space and Project Space

Second Floor:
Guest Bunk
Master Bedroom 
Laundry/Storage Room
Communal Bathroom
Kid Bedrooms

There's a lot to be said about this floor plan. So many exciting subtle and not so subtle architectural features have been discussed but because we aren't really there yet in the design phase I will save them to share later. There is a connectivity and flow between the different areas of the house, which can't easily be appreciated from the plan alone.

The lot sits near to an abandoned rock quarry from which granite was gathered in the 1800s for use here in Richmond (buildings and monuments, etc.) and cobblestone streets all along the East Coast. We discovered the remains of an old cobblestone quarry road at the front of the property and the whole lot is very rocky (as I learned watching the soil sampling process). Hopefully there aren't any big boulders in the area where we plan to nestle the garage. Soil samples were taken from the lot yesterday to be analyzed and the results will inform the kind of footings needed for the house as it is currently designed. 

Exterior schematics are next and in the meantime we're obsessing about kitchens over here. These two photos continue to inspire the direction of our kitchen design.  


Soapstone counters and driftwood cabinets:

The thing I'm excited about right this moment is we didn't build into the design a "home" for the TV. We're going television free in this new house, something I've wanted to do for years!


  1. LOVE it! Do you think the kids are totally going to take over the guest bunk though?! I would, haha! Such functional space and I love love love your inspiration photos.

    1. Thanks Nicole!! I'm sure they will think it's a great hideout, as of now it has more of an attic ceiling so low and cozy. I'm thinking it will make a great reading/nap room for me when not in use!

  2. It is so exciting keeping up with these house updates!! I can't wait to see how it all pans out. We haven't watched tv in months and I love that (although I really want to see house of cards...)

    1. Thanks Sarah! Do you watch on your phones/computers or have you made the decision to refrain from all media? Is this how you make time to read all those books!? House of cards had my full attention in the first seasons but I've lost some interest as they've turned it into a true political drama. I liked all the racy personal stories written in at the beginning. :)


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