August 3, 2011

Brothers (and sisters)

When Roscoe wants to hold Merritt he first demands the boppy, then lifts his shirt. I think he thinks that's just what you do when you hold a baby.

Their relationship is just (finally) beginning to bloom. Roscoe's getting the hang of this whole big brother thing. He's better able to show a little restraint when it comes to the very physical and very emotional energy that he holds for and directs at Merritt.

I know this is true because there are a lot more kisses and far fewer hits to the head.

Another sweet sentiment: Roscoe has recently owned Merritt as his. He tells me daily. Merritt is Roscoe's little brother. Merritt plays right along doling out the biggest grins and shrieks of happy at the smallest increment of Roscoe's attention. I can't get enough of them--when they are adoring each other, anyway.

He's also realized that "Roscoe doesn't have a baby sister," and for the past two nights he's been searching for her throughout the house. Andy and I have taken note.


  1. OMGoodness that is too adorable!!

    Bella will still grab the boppy and nurse her baby dolls, lol.

  2. LOL! That is too cute! And that is very sweet he would like a baby sister as well :)

  3. Roscoe is still so funny when he refers to himself in the third person! Yeah... Where is that little sister of his! It's a sign! We all picked the sex of our next siblings... we were right! Little sister on the way next time! Yay!


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