May 19, 2011

A busy birthday

Trampoline jumping at 5:30 am

Working on showing two with his hands

Ready for a toy store run

Tough decisions

Feeling like a little king

Mowing the lawn with his new mower

Poppa came home early! Putting a trailer on his cozy coupe.

Testing it out

Ready to go

Test drive

Ice cream

Family self portrait


  1. Wow! It looks like he had 2 parties!! Him and you all should be partied out by now! lol Looks like a bunch of fun and excitement all over again! Yay to being 2!!

  2. Yeah, he's following in my footsteps with something more like a party WEEK! :)

    He picked out two new toys from the store with a gift certificate he got for his birthday--our garage is at max capacity!!


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