January 1, 2011

One for the books

As independent and adventurous as Roscoe is, and for all the freedom he has been given to explore, it's a small wonder that Thursday night marked Roscoe's first major trauma.

We can only guess that he tripped on his own two feet--running full speed, no doubt--and made contact with a set of unforgiving free weights on his fall to the ground (no one actually witnessed the event). In less than the two minutes required to hike the stairs to our loft, a purple contusion protruded madly off the front of his brow. Caught in the middle of a work day, and alarmed by the size and severity of the injury as it continued to swell, I quickly signed off for the afternoon.

A nagging concern was a possible bone fracture. In an effort to avoid subjecting him to unnecessary procedures and possibly grueling wait times I opted for his pediatrician's office over the emergency room. They confirmed that neither his eye nor the surrounding muscles were damaged, and agreed that the severity of the swelling was extraordinary--we were ordered directly to the hospital for an x-ray.

Luckily, everything checked out just fine, and all that lingers now is a first shiner.


  1. Oh no, glad to hear that there was no serious damage! I keep thinking we might end up with our first trip to the emergency room as Madame very quickly decides she is done sitting but has not learned how to gentely lower herself onto her back or tummy.

    He does not look overly bothered in his adorable owl hat though! Just think of the stories you can tell his girlfriends one day!

  2. That hat is just too cute for words!!! LOVE IT!!Poor little guy. Hope he healed well.


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