January 21, 2011

29 weeks

Today we again drove to Maryland for a rescheduled 28 week prenatal appointment. The big highlight? Glucose tolerance test complete! I drank 11 ounces of concord grape juice in 5 minutes, which is harder than it sounds. I actually felt a little sick afterward. The baby remains head down, and continues to favor my right side. His heart rate was in the 130's. When I shared my current weight, my midwife double checked her chart and then said, "oh, yes. That's a lot." 24 pounds so far. I think she meant "that's a lot of gain since our last visit." Either way, I'm cursing winter right now.

From here on out prenatal visits will be every 2 weeks (32, 34, 36) and then every week after that (hopefully he'll be here before 40!). We got a copy of THE home birth supply list, which includes everything we need to gather and prepare before I hit 36 weeks. Oh I can't wait for birth-day!

Update: I passed! & my iron levels are great.


  1. don't you just love when they make comments on your weight?? I am with you though being pregnant in the winter makes eating the "right" foods harder!!

  2. It's exciting to be getting close, isn't it? I'm going to order the birth kit and pool in a couple of weeks!

  3. Josephine! So you're planning a water birth!? I hope you love your tub. I tried to use our bathtub when I labored with Roscoe and just hated it, but I think it was just too small and confining...my "bumps" were out of the water, and I had to lay on my side with my belly touching the cold part of the tub, or else support my weight on all fours. Being able to move around and submerge would be relaxing, I imagine.

    Yay! We're getting so close! :)


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