September 6, 2009

He likes it! He really likes it!

This video underscores my status as a new mother: two minutes and twenty seconds of my child chewing on a giraffe. Turn up your volume for the sweet sound of gums on rubber. Unless you're one of the grandparents, you may not make it all the way through. ;)


  1. That's an understatement!!!!!

    He was really enjoying that and of course we not only got through it, but we will watch it over and over.

    Love to Roscoe from Tippy and Poppa (for now)

  2. Aunts and cousins can watch the whole thing too! Looks like a fun toy!

  3. HAHA... he was really trying to stuff that giraffe in there!! I can't wait to see him this weekend! He is GETTING SOO TALL!!!!


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