November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014, vamps and ninjas

Roscoe and Merritt each made very detailed and specific lists last month of what they wanted to include in their halloween costumes. We went shopping together for a few key things and gathered the rest from home, checking off the lists as we went. The boys were very happy with their costumes and Merritt was shocked and thrilled when he won first prize in his age group for "scariest" at the SOTJ Homeschoolers Halloween party. I was so happy for him because he had a strong vision for his vampire ensemble and, as Roscoe's little brother, he's often in the shadow, but yesterday Merritt got a little recognition just for being Merritt. I wish I had captured his incredulous face when the judge witch rode by on her motor scooter to gift him with the prize box!

Later, my sister stopped by with a special delivery of potted venus fly traps and cotton candy, which made their day, and instead of the usual block party we opted for a downtown trick-or-treating event at the Children's Museum of Richmond—a perfect madhouse for these two.

Halloween this year was our best yet, we all agree—new joy and new surprises for all of us, which feels like an incredibly impossible thing but I'm beginning to see the pattern as time passes.

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  1. Awesome costumes and even better pictures! Such perfect boy boys :)


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