August 8, 2013

It's official: we submitted an offer

Land explorations, and the view standing at the front of the lot and looking across the road to the left.
Today we submitted an official offer for the land parcel that I mentioned a few weeks ago. The first hurdle was to learn whether the sellers would be open to seller financing. We found out last week that they are.

This plot has never had a land survey so we don't yet have a map of the details. We know that it is around 9 acres, and that it has a stream running through it. Given the size of the property we are hopeful that even with water setbacks we can find a few protected acres somewhere in the middle to build on.

The contract we submitted has quite a few contingencies to ensure that we have all the information we need to know if it is a good fit for our design concept. A perc test will have to be run to know how big the septic system can be, which would impact the number of bedrooms we can build; and we want to have permits pulled before purchase so that there are no surprises.

We are trying our best not to set our hearts on this property but it is hard to resist driving out there to daydream whenever we have time on our hands. We took the boys the other night, and attempted to walk into the property from the road. It is so heavily wooded that there was no way in with the kids and the spiders. Andy and I may make another attempt without the kids, but try to temper our enthusiasm with caution to resist investing too much time or energy at this stage of the process.

Our offer expires this Sunday at 8pm so we will know more this weekend!


  1. Wow, so very exciting for you all! Fingers crossed that things continue to go well for you :)

  2. congrats guys!! love mom


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