March 12, 2013

Marbles Rolling, only better. (A new look!)

I returned from BlogHer '12 unsure where my writing would take me, or what it would mean for Marbles Rolling. After several attempts to unsuccessfully move this blog to other platforms I decided to stick with blogger and hired Stephanie from Stephanie G Designs to refresh the space. It was my pleasure to work with her and I love that the brand remains but that the aesthetic has been updated to make the content more accessible.

Our Stories highlights some of the big themes that I've written about over the years, and is a great place to start if you are new here. I've revised the About Us section to provide a little more of our history and to bring you up to the present, including why writing here is so important to me. I rejoined GoodReads and added a Library page to share some of my favorite books in cooking, parenting, and personal growth. If you are on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, let's connect!

I appreciate and really value the community that continues to grow around my writing and our shared experiences as mothers and women. Thank you for visiting and for contributing to the dialogue through your comments. If you have a blog please share it, I'd love to check it out!



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