January 17, 2013

Rice Socks, and Valentines

I've been putting together a "bag of tricks" for my labor support clients to include a wide range of comfort measures from aromatherapy to massage. It's been on my mind to craft homemade rice socks for lower back aches and belly cramps and we were free yesterday afternoon so we decided to get down to it.

The socks we picked out are so February and the other things we grabbed while we were out were Valentine's Day inspired too. I think these rice socks would make sweet valentines for friends and grandparents.  We made a few mini versions from children's tube socks and they were the perfect size for little guys and gals. Maybe a gift tag: "You warm my heart," would be just the thing.

We used four pair of women's tube socks, and three 5lb. bags of white rice. Using a measuring cup, Roscoe and Merritt took turns pouring between 2 and 4 cups of rice into each sock (4 cups filled them to their brim), while I held open the mouth.  Then I secured each sock with a knot.

We made four big rice socks for belly and back, and two smaller rice socks to go around the neck for weighted heat applied to the upper chest. One to two minutes in the microwave and you have a warm, cozy, and festive heat pack. You can freeze them too!


  1. LOVE these! What a clever idea. These days I would love to just drape myself in heat packs all day :)

  2. I recently made one out of some baby leg warmers J refused to ever wear and I LOVE it. So nice for when I have over done it a bit and my back is aching! I did have to sew both ends shut so may try your method in the future.

  3. So glad I happened upon your blog on Virginia Bloggers. I am 19 weeks pregnant and these rice socks look like they would feel amazing on my aching back! I am following so I can stay up to date on all of your posts now. :)
    - Sarah www.atshirtandpearls.blogspot.com

  4. Sarah! Welcome :) Checking you out now!


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