April 4, 2012

Then and Now

All along, we've thought that baby Roscoe looked nothing like big boy Roscoe, whether the comparison was made at six months or a year, or two. When he was born I remember the weight of his little body feeling so familiar, but for days and days I just couldn't place his features. He was our little ET.

A recent photo from our latest shoot made me do a double take. It's a rare expression and I recognized that face immediately. After digging through his birth photos I found it. Less than an hour old, in his Poppa's arms for the first time.

Back then, as I quietly took him in, obsessing over every newly born detail, I had no idea who he would be or what he would look like three years into the future. It is hard to believe that there ever existed a point in time when that knowing little face of his felt like a stranger.

As sophisticated and independent as Roscoe is at 2, it's sweet to catch a glimpse of my baby as I remember him in the first hours of his life.

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