October 4, 2011

All is well

I had a follow-up ultrasound this morning.  While the tumor still exhibits some questionable characteristics, it has decreased in size, which indicates that it is not likely cancer.

They believe that it is a Lactacting Adenoma--a benign tumor affected by the hormones of pregnancy and lactation. The ductal tissue sampled in the last core biopsy are congruent with this diagnosis.

Whew.  Thank goodness.

Of course there is more follow-up in the near future, just to be sure, but for all intents and purposes the not knowing is over.



  1. SO happy to hear that! Congratulations, what a huge relief taken off your shoulders! Sending more healthy thoughts your way :)

  2. Wonderful! That's such great and reassuring news.

  3. That's great news! Yet another side effect of bearing children...I feel like the list is never ending sometimes ;)
    I hope this takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

  4. that is great news glad to hear all is well !!

  5. so happy to read this ... i'm not sure if this would jive with doctor's advice, but i just stop doing breast-checks while i'm nursing (which is now!) ... it's b/c the tissue is so variable during that time & a scare (or false positive) can really put you through the wringer (as you know all too well).

    i hope they didn't charge you for those extra appoointments? it must be such a huge relief to move on from all this.


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